Steering Inspection, Suspension Repair, and More

The suspension is an important part of your vehicle that helps keep your ride safe and smooth. At a Bosch Auto Service, your mechanic can diagnose steering and suspension problems and then repair them for you. With over 125 years of proudly serving the automotive industry, Bosch has continued to provide high-quality, premium and aftermarket OEM vehicle parts for generations.

Balance, stability, and smooth handling all contribute to the comfort and reliability of your ride. But keeping your car’s steering and suspension in check isn’t just about a relaxing drive. If your steering is off-balanced or your suspension is old and worn, you risk damage to your car and possible accidents while driving. A well-tuned suspension system helps you easily maneuver your car and avoid unnecessary incidents.

At Bosch Auto Service, we believe every driver deserves a trustworthy steering and suspension system they can rely on. Our team of passionate technicians work hard to keep vehicles operating safely.
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Need Steering or Suspension Repair?

Your suspension and steering work together to keep you and your car safe and sound.
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How Can I Tell if My Vehicle Suspension is Bad?

Your car’s suspension helps you manage changes in road elevation. Every time you drive over a speed bump or hit a pothole, your suspension is at work to keep your car level. A weakened suspension can break with a strong enough shock, leaving your car at greater risk of loss of steering and roll-overs.
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Telling the Difference Between a Suspension issue and a Brake or Tire Problem

Some of the visible and driving symptoms of suspension issues are actually brake and tire problems instead. There are a few ways you can tell if the issue is tire- or suspension-related. First, check your tire pressure and tread wear to determine if your tires are old/flat. If they appear to be in good condition, perform a bounce test:

1. Park your car and lean your body weight against the hood.
2. Move away quickly.
3. Check how often your vehicle bounces. More than two bounces after moving away indicate an issue with your shocks and struts.

If you can rule out tire pressure as the culprit, make a steering and suspension repair appointment with Bosch Auto Service as soon as possible. Driving with an old or broken suspension system can lead to an increased risk of rolling over and the inability to control your car. Our premium products and repair techniques help keep you and your car safe.
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Visible Car Suspension Problems

  • A corner or edge of your vehicle sits lower than the others without signs of a flat tire.
  • An uneven wear pattern (known as cupping) develops on your tire treads.
  • Oil, grease, or obvious wear appears on your shocks or struts.
  • Squeaking noises become prevalent when turning or braking.
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Common Car Suspension Symptoms

You may also be able to feel if your suspension is off while driving. A worn or broken suspension can cause the following symptoms when in use:

  • A rougher/bouncier ride than usual
  • Braking causes the car to lean forward, backward, or to one side
  • Turning causes your vehicle to pull or drift
  • The vehicle starts to pull or drift even when driving straight
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Steering & Suspension Repair

If you’re starting to feel every bump in the road, it’s about time to get your suspension checked. Make an appointment at your local Bosch Auto Service to help keep you and your vehicle safe.

How Can I Tell if I Need Steering Repair?

Steering is a part of your suspension system. If it’s damaged or worn, it can lead to accidents while driving, as well as damage to other parts of your car’s suspension. Steering issues are commonly noticeable while driving. Signs of damage to the steering include:

  • Squealing, clattering, or other noises when turning the steering wheel
  • Stiff or slow response when turning the steering wheel
  • Noticeable vibrations of the steering wheel
  • Low power of steering fluid or appearance of metal flakes and other pollutants in steering fluid
If you’re having trouble or difficulties with your steering, a couple of different culprits can be to blame. Everything from your power steering pump to the pressure and contamination of your steering fluid can cause issues when trying to control your car.
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Why You Need Suspension and Steering Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of a variety of car parts. These parts work together in harmony to help provide a smooth and safe drive. Suspension parts include:

  • Tires
  • Coil Springs
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Struts
  • Rods/Linkages
  • Joints, Bearings, and Bushings
If any of these parts start to deteriorate or otherwise stop working, your comfort and safety are at risk. Not only does your car’s steering and suspension help smoothen your ride, but it also helps you keep control of your vehicle. If your steering or suspension is off, you could lose control and get into an accident.

When to Replace Suspension Parts

It’s recommended that you have your shocks and struts inspected once your car hits 50,000 miles. This is the general mileage level most steering and suspension parts last. However, traffic conditions, driving styles, and your car's overall health and maintenance can affect your suspension’s lifespan. If you notice your vehicle's handling changes, it’s a good idea to get your steering and suspension checked. Wheel alignments and tire rotations are also great milestones to have a Bosch Auto Service check your suspension structure for any problems.

Schedule Steering and Suspension Services at Bosch Auto Service

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At Bosch Auto Service, we know how important steering and suspension are in keeping you and your passengers safe. Keeping your steering and suspension in check helps protect you and everyone in the neighborhood. Keeping our communities safe is our top priority. If you notice any issues while trying to steer your car, schedule an appointment with your local Bosch Auto Service shop as soon as possible. Even if the issue turns out to be a worn tire tread, repairs should be made immediately to keep your car in working order and your drive as safe and comfortable as possible.

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Where can I get steering and suspension repair near me?
You can locate your nearest Bosch Auto Service here.
What is the difference between a shock and a strut?
A strut is a major part of your suspension that, in many modern designs, replaces the upper control arm and ball joint. Shocks (or shock absorbers), on the other hand, are a small part of your cat’s suspension that helps control spring and suspension movement.
When Should I Have my Suspension Checked?
The suspension is an important part of your car that helps keep you and your vehicle safe. At Bosch Auto Service, we recommend you have your mechanic do an inspection of your suspension system whenever you have routine work done to ensure everything is working properly.