Exhaust and Emissions Repair

When you start your engine, it makes a lot more noise than you might think. It sounds quieter because of your exhaust system. But the exhaust system doesn’t just help quiet the noise you hear from your engine. It also channels the high-temperature and often harmful exhaust gases through the underside of your vehicle, releasing them safely out the back.

At Bosch Auto Service, we deliver premium service and high-quality mufflers and exhaust vehicle parts to ensure the safety of you and the environment. Bosch Auto Service technicians fully understand exhaust needs for every vehicle make and model.

Signs of Exhaust and Emissions Failure?

The most common indication your car exhaust needs repair or emission system is failing, is you are not passing your emissions test. These tests check to confirm that your emissions system is working properly, however since an emissions test is only required every couple of years, there could be something wrong with your system before you get the test done. Here are a few signs your car exhaust needs repair:

  • The check engine light turning on
  • Decreased gas mileage
  • Unusual noises when operating
  • Scent of fumes inside the car
Bosch Auto Service | Exhaust pipe with smoke
Bosch Auto Service emissions testing exhaust service and muffler service

Causes of Exhaust & Emission Failure

The reason most vehicle systems fail is that they are old, worn or not well maintained. If there’s a problem with your car's exhaust or muffler, your vehicle’s emissions could emit harmful gases. At Bosch Auto Service we check for these key signs to indicate you need your exhaust repaired.

  • Faulty ignition system
  • Damaged or missing catalytic converter
  • Vacuum system leak
  • Faulty oxygen sensor

Emission Testing

Getting your emissions test for your vehicle is required every few years. The specific testing regulations and passing metrics vary by state to state. You’ll need to pass the emissions test for the state that your vehicle is registered in, even if you’re not currently driving in that state.

If you fail an emissions test, you’ll receive a report specifying which regulation your vehicle failed to pass. You can bring your emissions failure report to your local Bosch Auto Service technician to help diagnose and fix your vehicle emissions.

Exhaust, Muffler, and Emission Repair at Bosch Auto Service

At Bosch Auto Services, we’re dedicated to providing for our communities and keeping the environment around us clean and healthy. We know cars can contribute to certain ecological issues, but by keeping exhaust and emissions systems in working order, we can help limit that impact. With over a century of service in the automotive industry, Bosch has a clear understanding of how to keep everyone safe without lowering driving performance. If you failed your emissions test or are having trouble with your exhaust system, bring your car to your local Bosch Auto Service for an inspection and repair.

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Where can I get exhaust and emission repair?
You can make an appointment for an exhaust and emissions system repair at your local Bosch Auto Service here.
Why did my car fail its emissions test?
Even if your exhaust and emission system is working perfectly, your vehicle can still fail its emissions test if there’s another issue. When your car fails an emissions test, you’ll get a report indicating the potential problems it picked up on. Your Bosch Auto Service mechanic can use this report to identify any issues in your vehicle and make the necessary repairs.
Can I still drive if I fail an emissions test?
In most states, a vehicle that fails its inspection isn't allowed to be driven because faulty exhaust emission systems negatively impact the environment. There will be a set period of time during which you can still operate your vehicle, but you will need to repair and retest it before that period expires.