Internal Combustion Vehicle Electrical Systems

Your car’s electronics do more than just power your windows or play your radio, they power critical safety and operations systems within your vehicle. If there’s an issue with one electrical component on your car, there could be issues with others as well.

The electrical system in your car is composed of three main components: the battery, the starter, and the alternator. The battery gives the starter a spark of power, which then turns on your engine. While you drive, the alternator keeps your battery charged so that the electronics in your vehicle can continue to work.

High-quality batteries, alternators, and starters are recommended to ensure your vehicle’s electronics are reliable. If you’re having trouble with your car’s electronics, take your car to a nearby Bosch Auto Service for inspection.
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Car Electrical Issues?

The battery runs everything from the ignition to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in your car. When these systems don’t work or your vehicle has aged or damaged wiring, your comfort and safety could be at risk.
Illuminated car dashboard with warning lights and gauges

Dashboard Lighting

Most modern vehicles are designed with a dashboard that relies on electronics to display warning lights and indicate important information about your car. If issues arise with your electronics, your vehicle’s dashboard indicators may fail. Here are a few warning signs to look for that indicate dashboard malfunction:

  • Dim lights for indicators
  • Lack of warning signs when problems are present in the car
  • Slow response to input changes (such as switching views on gas mileage)

Many factors can influence whether or not the dashboard is working properly: a low battery charge that doesn’t provide proper power to the system, a dirty sensor that can’t register potential hazards, or a bad fuse, to name a few. If you notice any of the signs above, it’s time to get your car’s electronics diagnosed and repaired.
Bosch Auto Service technician pointing to car sensor

Car Sensors Not Working?

Most vehicles are equipped with a variety of sensors that help your car function properly. These sensors are powered by your vehicle’s electronic system, and electrical issues could lead to car sensor problems. Vehicle sensors are critical to the:

  • Fuel injector system
  • Engine control system
  • Emission system
  • ADAS
Check Engine light illuminated on car dashboard

Signs of Car Sensor Malfunction

Your car has dozens of sensors that are powered by your electrical system to keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency. Faulty sensors lead to faulty vehicles. If you experience any of the issues below, it’s time to bring your vehicle to a Bosch Auto Service for a diagnostic test and repair.

  • Poor acceleration
  • Check engine light turns on
  • Failure of emissions test
  • Malfunctions in other electrical systems
Bosch Auto Service technician evaluating diagnostics tablet

Electrical System Repair

Headlights flashing at drivers by themselves? Let Bosch Auto Service help you with that.

Why Electronic Repair Matters

When the electronics in your car stop working, it doesn’t just take away comfort. Most modern vehicles are reliant on technology powered by electricity. These electrical components on your car are designed to enhance the safety and reliability of your ride...

Car Electronics Repair at Bosch Auto Service

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At Bosch Auto Service, we understand what makes your vehicle run. Bosch is a trusted member of the automotive industry with inventive contributions to many of the performance and safety-enhancing technologies that come standard in most vehicles. premium service and high-quality parts for every car. If your car is experiencing electrical issues, make an appointment at Bosch Auto Service, your electric repair shop of choice.

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Where can I get my car electronics repaired?
You can make an appointment for your car’s electronics to be serviced at a Bosch Auto Service.
How do I know if my car’s electrical system is bad?
There are many common signs that your car’s electrical system is failing. If your sensors stop working, your engine won’t turn on, or you smell something burning when operating your vehicle, you could have an electrical malfunction. If your car senses an issue with your electrics, it will also turn on the battery light on your dashboard. If you see a light turn on that looks like a battery with the letters ALT or GEN, it’s time for an electrical diagnosis.
Why isn’t my radio working?
The radio in your vehicle is an electrical component much like any other. Your radio could fail to work if there’s a blown fuse, faulty wire, or another broken component. If your battery is low on charge, it may also cause your radio not to work.
Is my car battery weak?
In many cases, a problem with your electronics could point to an issue with your battery. For most, charging the battery or repairing the cable connections can fix the issue. But if your battery is older or faulty, charging won’t fix the problem and you will need your Bosch Auto Service mechanic to fit your vehicle with a new battery.