Oil Change, Oil Filter Replacement, and More

Oil keeps your engine and all moving parts in your vehicle running smoothly. But oil becomes dirty and ineffective over time. At a Bosch Auto Service, your mechanic can perform an oil change and replace your old oil filter parts. With over 125 years of proudly serving the automotive industry, Bosch has continued to provide high-quality, premium and aftermarket OEM vehicle parts for generations.

In order for your car to run smoothly and efficiently, you need fresh and clean motor oil in your engine. While modern motor oil can last far longer than ever before, you still need to routinely change out the oil and replace your oil filter. Running a car with old oil can cause the lubricant to not work effectively. This leads to unnecessary friction on engine parts that can damage your vehicle.

At Bosch Auto Service, we fit cars with premium, high-quality oil and oil filters. With a speedy and premium oil and filter change at Bosch Auto Service, you get quality oil that will keep your engine running smoothly.
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Need an Oil Change?

Regular oil and oil filter changes are necessary to keep your car’s engine running smoothly.
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When Do I Need an Oil Change?

It’s unfortunate in the driving world that most vehicle owners wait too long to request an oil and filter change. For many, it’s easy to assume that the car is working perfectly and that everything is okay as long as the warning lights on their dash aren’t on. However, the warning lights often don’t turn on until your car has already suffered major damage. Knowing when to get an oil and filter change is necessary to avoid harm to your engine.
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Bosch Auto Service recommends changing your vehicle’s oil based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. The specific mileage you can safely drive per change will depend heavily on the type of oil you use and the manufacturer's recommendations. Your car could be fitted with:

  • Standard oil
  • Conventional oil
  • Synthetic oil
  • High mileage oil.
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Not every car service shop makes adequate documentation of when your last oil change was, and it can be difficult to know when you’ve hit the right mileage number. At Bosch Auto Service, we always provide detailed and reliable documentation with the exact date and mileage of your car whenever you get an oil change, along with an estimate of when you’ll need one again. We keep this information on hand in our system, so you can always contact your local Bosch Auto Service to determine when your last oil change was.
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Get an Oil Change Near You

Falling behind on your oil changes could affect your engine's performance. Bring in your vehicle for a full-service oil change and vehicle health inspection at your nearest Bosch Auto Service.

Why You Need Oil Changes and Oil Filter Replacement

When you turn on your car, there are many parts of your engine that start moving to enable you to drive. With clean and fresh oil, these parts can move over one another without a lot of friction. Modern motor oils can even provide a host of high-tech benefits, such as cleaning engine parts and protecting them from deposits. But the oil in your car will lose its powerful properties over time, and without an oil change, your engine will suffer.

Changing out your car’s oil prevents friction damage, corrosion, and built-up contamination on engine parts. An oil change helps protect your engine and keeps your car healthier for longer with better performance.

At Bosch Auto Service, we routinely handle regular oil changes and filter replacements. Our technicians are passionate about ensuring each car drives away in the best possible condition. We ensure the optimal oil type for your vehicle; be it standard oil, conventional oil, synthetic oil, or high mileage oil. We also provide high-quality oil filters that will help extend its life and further protect your engine.

Schedule an Oil and Filter Change from Bosch Auto Service

At Bosch Auto Service, we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers the best car repair and routine service. Each car is unique, and no generic part will work best for every make and model. When you request an oil change and filter replacement at Bosch Auto Service, you get:
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Where can I get an oil change near me?
You can find your neighborhood Bosch Auto Service here.
How often do I need to change my car’s oil?
The type of oil you use will heavily influence how often you have to change it. Most oil changes are based on mileage use. A general rule of thumb is:
Standard Oil - Every 3,000 miles
Conventional Oil - Every 4,000 miles
Synthetic Oil - Every 5,000 miles
High Mileage Oil - Every 7,500 miles
What’s the difference between the types of oil?
The type of oil used in your car varies based on the materials and techniques used to create it. For example, synthetic oil goes through a chemical process that helps its molecules maintain a more uniform shape, reducing impurities and allowing it to run through your engine for longer without causing damage.