Battery Recharging, Replacement, and More

The battery is an important part of your vehicle that helps keep all of your electrical systems running. At a Bosch Auto Service, your mechanic can diagnose battery and electrical problems and then repair them for you. With over 125 years of proudly serving the automotive industry, Bosch has continued to provide high-quality, premium OEM and aftermarket vehicle parts for generations.

Your car's electrics do more than just power your windows or play your radio. They are an integral system that keeps your car running smoothly. If your battery is drained or otherwise damaged or broken, you aren’t going to get very far before problems start to occur — if you can get your car started at all.

At Bosch Auto Service, we fit cars with premium, high-quality batteries. With battery testing you can trust and reliable repairs and replacements you can count on, a Bosch Auto Service is your go-to for all things electrical in your car.
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Car Battery Not Working?

If your car’s electrical system isn’t working, there could be a few culprits.
Bosch Auto Service Battery Warning Light

Signs of Car Battery Issues

Your car’s battery is only one part of your car that can go wrong. Knowing the true cause of any symptom can take specialized equipment and checks to test the parts. But there are a few symptoms to look out for that could indicate a bad battery. If your car experiences any of the following, you should get your battery tested.

  • Engine cranks (makes that repetitive chirping noise) when starting
  • Colder weather affects the amount of time your car takes to start
  • You start your car, but the interior lights do not turn on
These are all signs that point to a drained or broken battery. One way to test if your car’s battery system is the true culprit is to jumpstart your car. If this fixes the problems, then your battery or alternator is ineffective and should be checked and replaced to prevent further issues.
Bosch Auto Service Car Alternator

Signs of Car Alternator Issues

The battery itself isn’t always at fault, and many electrical issues are actually caused by a faulty alternator. A bad alternator prevents your battery from properly recharging. You may still be able to start your car and run it as needed, but you might notice some additional issues if there’s a faulty alternator:

  • Car stalls more frequently
  • Lights begin to dim
  • Stereo system begins to falter
  • Use of electrical components (such as the heater or radio) cause a squealing noise
  • Car starts after a jumpstart but then immediately stops running
Bosch Auto Service technician evaluating diagnostics tablet

Battery Repair and Replacement

Don’t let a low charge or faulty battery slow you down. Make an appointment at your local Bosch Auto Service for a quality battery inspection.

How Can I Test my Car’s Battery?

If you aren’t convinced that your car’s battery is causing the issue, there are a few ways you can check it yourself before bringing it in for repairs or replacement.
Bosch Auto Service Multimeter Testing

Why Car Battery Replacement with Bosch Auto Service is Important

Faulty alternators and drained batteries can be dangerous to operate. Vehicles can stall, causing accidents, and electrical systems can short out. If your car’s battery or other electrical components are acting up, you need to have the issue professionally diagnosed and repaired to prevent damage. Bring your vehicle to your neighborhood Bosch Auto Service for battery inspection, service or replacement.
Bosch Auto Service battery replacement

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If your car isn’t running the way it should, or electrical components aren’t functioning properly, your battery may need charging or replacement. A typical car battery lasts 4-5 years, but heavy use and other factors can cause batteries to degrade sooner. At Bosch Auto Service, you can get car battery testing and replacement in a convenient location near you. We’ll perform a comprehensive battery and alternator test on your car and make the necessary repairs to get you up and running again with a reliable and functional battery.

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Where can I find a battery replacement center near me?
If you need your battery checked or replaced, you can find your local Bosch Auto Service here.
How long does a car battery last?
A car battery can last between two and five years. Lower-quality batteries will not last as long as premium batteries. At Bosch Auto Service, we only provide the highest-quality parts to help keep your car running longer.
Do I need to replace a battery that’s been drained?
When your battery gets drained, you should have it checked at your nearest Bosch Auto Service. Getting your battery inspected helps you determine if it’s old and needs to be replaced, or if there’s something wrong in your electrical system that is causing the battery to drain.
How long does it take to replace a car battery?
You can typically expect a car battery replacement to last from thirty minutes to an hour, once your mechanic starts working on it.