Car Diagnostic Testing

When your car’s check engine light turns on or you notice something’s off while driving, that could mean there’s a problem with your vehicle. With advanced diagnostic equipment, Bosch Auto Service technicians can perform a quick and accurate vehicle diagnostic during your regularly scheduled service appointments. This diagnostic testing consists of detecting error codes or faults within your car. Our diagnostic process helps identify the best solution for your car.

Bosch Auto Service has advanced tools and equipment that can work on all vehicle types. Experience a truly modern auto repair shop at Bosch Auto Service.

Do You Need a Car Diagnostic Test?

Your vehicle consists of various parts and systems that work together to get you where you are going. If one thing goes wrong, it can cause a series of issues for everything else. There are some problems that don't give you any warning signs, so if your ADAS not working or you are having odd vehicle performance, it might be time for a car diagnostic test. Here are a few signs to look out for.

  • Check Engine Light is On
  • ADAS is Not Working
  • Irregular Driving Performance
Car check engine light is on
Car diagnostic tetsing at Bosch Auto Service

Diagnostic Services

A diagnostic test at your local Bosch Auto Service can identify issues with many of your car’s systems. Though there are a variety of issues that could lead to a diagnostic test here are the common repairs after diagnostic testing:

  • Engine Repair and Tuning
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Electrical System Malfunction
  • ADAS Calibration
  • Emission System Repair

Our Diagnostic Process

When you bring your car in for a diagnostics test, your Bosch Auto Service advisor will start by asking you to describe the issues you’ve noticed, such as a check engine light turning on.
Next, the technician will begin testing your vehicle to diagnose the problem. This involves a variety of steps, not limited to:

  • Connecting diagnostic machines to perform fault code scans and determine what triggered the check engine light
  • Technical service bulletin checks to determine if there are any commonly known issues with your car’s make and model
  • Road testing to try to recreate the problem

At every step of the process, your service advisor will remain in contact, letting you know what they find. Open communication between the driver and service advisor is key to properly diagnosing and repairing any vehicle.

Diagnostic Testing Near Me.

If you’re ever in doubt about the health of your car or your check engine light has come on, make an appointment at your local Bosch Auto Service for car diagnostic testing. Bosch is a leading manufacturer in diagnostic tools and equipment making each Bosch Auto Service the auto repair shop for diagnostic testing.

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Where can I get my car professionally diagnosed?
You can make an appointment for your vehicle's diagnostic appointment at your local Bosch Auto Service.
How often should I get a diagnostic inspection for my vehicle?
We recommend getting your vehicle inspected at least once a year to ensure everything is running efficiently. However, each vehicle is different, and you can check your owner’s manual for manufacturer-recommended diagnostic service timelines. We include a full multipoint inspection with every service appointment, so you can rest assured knowing that we’ll catch any early-stage issues when possible.
How long does a car diagnosis take?
Each diagnostic exam will vary in time depending on the complexity of the problem. Your technician has to perform various tests to determine what’s wrong with your car. They’ll also take the time to put together a potential work order with ways to rectify the issue.