A/C Recharge and Heating Repair

While driving, maintaining a stable temperature isn't only about comfort. It's part of your engine's overall cooling system that keeps your vehicle's critical components from overheating.

Bosch Auto Service makes it simple to get your car's A/C recharged or cooling system repaired. With online scheduling, texting and calling your next auto repair appointment can be scheduled with ease.

Need Car A/C Repair?

Apart from the obvious lack of cold air in your car, there are other indicators that your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t functioning as it should. Signs you need a car A/C recharge or repair:

  • Rattling or other noises when turning on the car A/C
  • Musty scent coming from vents when operating the A/C
  • Coolant stains under the vehicle
  • Leaking water in your vehicle
Bosch Auto Service car a/c recharge and repair
Bosch Auto Service A/C temperature control

Causes of Car A/C Not Working

Your cooling system is a complex system made from a collection of parts that work together to provide cold air. Everything from the compressor to the A/C clutch can affect whether your A/C is working. Common issues our technicians find, and repair are:

  • Low coolant levels
  • Clogged filters
  • Broken A/C clutch
  • Car needs an A/C recharge
  • Electrical problems

Signs of Car Heating Failure

The obvious sign of your heating system not working is cold air coming out for an extended period. But your car may still warm up, even with an issue. Other signs of a failure in your heating system include:

  • Windows fogging up after temperature warms
  • A sweet or bitter scent when turning on the heater
  • A drop in coolant levels, most noticeable by a ‘low coolant’ message on your dashboard.
  • Vehicle engine overheats when the heater is in use

Bosch Auto Service car heating repair services
Bosch Auto Service Heating and Colling Systems Repair and replacement services

Causes of Car Heating Not Working

To heat your vehicle, your heater takes coolant from your radiator to help warm up the air. If there’s a lack of coolant available, your car’s heating won’t work properly. A leak in your radiator or a faulty water pump can contribute to a loss of coolant. Other issues Bosch Auto Service technicians look for to diagnose car heating problems are:

  • A bad heater core
  • A bad blower motor
  • Faulty HVAC controls or valves
  • A broken or stuck thermostat

Importance of Car A/C and Heating Services

Often, malfunctioning vehicle heating or cooling systems indicate further damage to your vehicle. Failure to repair these problems could lead to further damage and potentially a safety risk while driving. The heating and cooling systems in your car are connected to your electrical system and engine, meaning that an issue with one of them could cause an issue with a larger system in your vehicle.

Heating and Cooling Repair with Bosch Auto Service

When your heating or cooling system stops working, it can lead to an uncomfortable and potentially hazardous drive. At your local Bosch Auto Service, we’ll examine every aspect of your heating and cooling systems to ensure that everything is running as it should. We use high-quality parts and repair techniques to help fix any issue in your car. So if you’re having trouble getting your vehicle warm or cold, bring it to your nearest Bosch Auto Service for heating and cooling services.

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Where can I get heating and cooling service for my car?
You can make a heating and cooling appointment at your local Bosch Auto Service here.
Why does my A/C smell?
A faulty A/C system can lead to condensation build-up inside your heating and cooling systems. When this condensation sits around long enough, it can lead to a musty scent. Getting your A/C inspected and repaired by a Bosch Auto Service technician can help.
How often should I have my heating and cooling system inspected?
There’s no industry standard for how long you can go without an inspection, but it’s always a good idea to have your entire vehicle checked regularly to catch any problems early on. At Bosch Auto Service, we include a full multi-point inspection standard with every appointment to ensure your vehicle is safe and performing as it should.
Why isn’t my heater blowing warm air or my A/C blowing cold air?
There are many components that make up your heating and cooling system. If the heater or AC in your vehicle isn’t working, it could be a faulty or malfunctioning part. You could also have a coolant leak somewhere in the system. When your heater or AC doesn’t work, it’s always a good idea to get it inspected by your local Bosch Auto Service.