Transmission Repair Services

Your transmission does more than just change gears; it keeps your engine running efficiently at different speeds and driving conditions. It’s a key part of your vehicle’s safety system. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, every part of the system should be in working order. If your transmission is not shifting or is having issues, it can put a heavy strain on your engine and tires. If you are experiencing transmission issues, let Bosch Auto Service diagnose your issue to see what the problem is.
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Transmission Issues?

Does your vehicle not shift gears properly? Does the clutch not engage like it used to? Both manual and automatic transmission systems need regular maintenance to keep your transmission free of issues. When you understand how your transmission works, it’s easier to know why maintenance and repairs are so important. With help from your Bosch Auto Service technician, you can keep your transmission system operating smoothly so your car can run at peak performance.
Bosch Auto Service technician repairing transmission with wrench

What Does a Car Transmission Do?

The transmission system in your vehicle helps your car shift gears to keep up with driving conditions. Speeding up, going up an incline, and braking can all contribute to which gear your car needs to be in to function efficiently.
The transmission system is a gearbox that contains a number of gears, pumps, and valves that work together to help your engine run at the proper speed. If you have a faulty transmission, the entire system could break down.
Car gear shifter and console in park

Signs of Transmission Failure

When your vehicle’s transmission is having issues, it’s most noticeable when driving. Symptoms that indicate car transmission problems include:

  • Grinding or shaking when shifting gears
  • Burning smell when changing gears
  • Engine noise when the car is in neutral
  • Gears slipping or failure to change gears
  • Leaking red transmission fluid
  • Transmission warning illuminates on your dashboard
Technician working on a transmission with leaking transmission fluid pipe

Causes of Transmission Failure

The transmission system in your car is complex, which means that there are many reasons that it could malfunction. When you have your transmission serviced, your Bosch Auto technician will check for problems that can cause your transmission to fail, such as:

  • Faulty clutch
  • Dirty transmission fluid
  • Leaking transmission fluid pipe
  • Clogged transmission filter
  • Worn gears

During their inspection, your technician will aim to diagnose the source of the transmission failure and provide options for repair or replacement.
Bosch Auto Service technician holding diagnostics tablet

Transmission Repair

Don’t let faulty parts slow you down. Make an appointment at your nearest Bosch Auto Service, where it’s our mission to fix your transmission.

The Importance of Transmission Service

A faulty transmission can cause damage to other important parts of your vehicle, such as the engine and suspension. If you notice any of the signs of transmission failure listed above, it’s time to visit Bosch Auto Service.

Make a Transmission Service Appointment at Bosch Auto Service

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If you’re having car transmission problems, let a trained technician at Bosch Auto Service help. We use high-quality parts to keep your automatic and manual transmission systems running, allowing you to drive and shift safely..

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Where can I get my car transmission service?
You can make a transmission service for your vehicle at your local Bosch Auto Service.
What causes a transmission to slip/why won’t my car shift gears properly when running?
There are plenty of elements in place to ensure your transmission runs smoothly for a long time. However, as your transmission ages, its gears become worn. As gears degrade, they can't engage properly and may slip out of sync more frequently.
What’s the difference between automatic and manual transmission?
In a manual transmission system, the driver is required to operate the clutch and tell the car which gear to shift to. Automatic transmission systems use sensors to automatically operate the clutch and put the car in the right gear so drivers can focus more on the road and traffic conditions.
When should I have my transmission checked?
If you notice any issues when changing gears, you should get your transmission serviced as soon as possible. At Bosch Auto Service, we include a multi-point inspection as part of every appointment, so we can check for any issues with your transmission before they become a problem.
How long do transmission repairs take?
Each make and model of vehicle has variations in their transmission system, and each repair need has different fixes. Repairing or replacing parts of your transmission is a complex process. When your technician diagnoses your transmission system, they’ll be in contact with you and explain the recommended repairs and how long they will take.