Our Mission and Values

At Bosch Auto Service, we’re committed to providing reliable and quality service to the automotive and industrial world. Everything we do, from manufacturing auto parts at our factories to serving the community at our local Bosch Auto Service, focuses on creating innovative solutions that make manufacturing and repair processes easier. Our services are driven by our Mission Statement and six Core Values that flow through every branch of the Bosch Auto Service brand.

Our mission is to create an uncomplicated relationship between Bosch and independent automotive repair shops that will revolutionize the way drivers get their vehicles serviced. Our passion for innovation enables our shops to create an experience rather than a chore for our drivers. High-quality parts and integrated technology allow all Bosch Auto Service to be at the forefront of automotive advancement, which truly satisfies our driver’s needs while establishing our shops as the pinnacle of repair. We motivate our shops to strengthen their community and build lasting relationships with their customers that can stand for generations.

All in all, Bosch Auto Service was invented for repair shops but designed for drivers.
Bosch Auto Service mission and values futuristic vehicle.

Bosch Auto Service Core Values


We make car shops modern by utilizing our knowledge of current technologies and applying them to our shops. We listen to customer feedback and enact changes to enhance our process and experience.


We hold ourselves accountable for services and deliver with dependable consistency. We explain insights so our customers can make well-informed decisions and stand by our industry knowledge.


We consistently deliver on what is expected and offer credible advice with a common goal of life improvement. Our decisions and recommendations are derived from ethical motives.


We are dedicated to quality, and our atmosphere and actions exemplify that. Our passion motivates us to seek sophisticated solutions, and our adept knowledge allows implementation of it.


We create a sense of community that is approachable and friendly. We are receptive to our customers' needs and encourage them to communicate with us to best serve the driver while enhancing the community.


We are results-driven and set ambitious expectations because we believe in our abilities. We aspire to create a meaningful impact on the lives of our clients.