“I have always tried to ensure that all products will stand any objective test and our work is superior in every respect.”

– Robert Bosch

Nationwide Limited Repair Warranty

At Bosch Auto Service, we’re dedicated to supporting every driver who comes through our doors. Which is why all Bosch Auto Services offer a Nationwide Limited Repair Warranty! As part of our goal to help your car maintain high performance, our offer is valid for 36,000-mile/36-month post repair on most major parts and repair services. We trust our shops to provide outstanding care for you and your fellow drivers, and with the Bosch repair warranty, we help take care of you in every situation.

Bosch Auto Service is designed to be reliable and trustworthy, with a passion for customer satisfaction. As a customer of Bosch Auto Service, you can count on your warranty protection to quickly get your vehicle back on the road should you encounter any difficulties. With each successful professional auto repair and service, you’ll soon find a greater appreciation for your local Bosch Auto Service as your premier service provider. The Bosch National Limited Repair Warranty helps you feel confident in the service of your community Bosch Auto Service.

Bosch Auto Service Warranty Values

At Bosch, we dedicate every aspect of our business to supporting our six core values. We believe in them so much that our warranties are designed around them.

Innovative – We streamline our parts ordering and warranty processes with digital innovations that help you get the repair you need with the necessary working parts as soon as possible.

Premium – Bosch dedicates itself to providing a quality experience for both workshops and customers. We back all of our parts with a dedication to quality and premium performance, and our warranties support that drive.

Reliable – We design our parts and our auto services to be reliable. Our reliable parts will provide better performance for your vehicles, and our excellent service will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Trustworthy – With our Bosch limited parts warranty, you can trust that we have your back. And with the Bosch repair warranty, you can trust in the support of your technician’s experience.

Passionate – Our passion for quality vehicle parts and repairs drives the Bosch warranty goal of always providing the best parts for our service centers.

Neighborly – Providing reliable and trustworthy car repair to local communities helps each Bosch Auto Service build a neighborly atmosphere. With a Bosch repair warranty, you know that you can trust your local Bosch Auto Service to take care of you and your vehicle.