Why Wheel Alignment is Worth the Cost

Properly maintaining your car is important. There are many routine maintenance services you shouldn’t skip in the shop, and wheel alignment is one of the top items on that list. Misaligned wheels can lead to difficulties in handling your vehicle, which ultimately leads to safety issues on the road. Getting your wheel alignment checked and fixed regularly can help keep you and your passengers safe.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is a routine maintenance service where your Bosch Auto Service technician will properly configure and align your vehicle’s suspension system. While some car maintenance tasks can be handled by the driver, proper wheel alignment requires a trained professional who has experience with alignment machines and tools.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Do?

When your technician aligns your wheels, they make sure the wheels and axles are all squared up. When the suspension system is properly aligned, everything will move together in the same direction. Each vehicle has standard angles for suspension alignment, specified in degrees, that your technician will be able to secure. By the end of a wheel alignment appointment, your steering wheel will be perfectly centered so you can maneuver your car as expected.

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost?

The cost of a wheel alignment will vary depending on the type of alignment you need. There are different types of suspension systems and power distribution, and each needs its own alignment service. For example, an all-wheel-drive vehicle will need a four-wheel alignment, but a front-wheel-drive vehicle will need a front-end alignment. Your technician will be able to tell you what kind of alignment you need after looking at your suspension system. The average cost for wheel alignment depends on the type of suspension you have and the extent of the damage.

When Do You Need Wheel Alignment?

It’s recommended that drivers have their wheel alignment checked regularly, at least once a year, to ensure that everything is lined up properly. Once your wheels have been aligned, they’ll typically remain naturally aligned for two-three years, but any strenuous driving can knock them out of alignment. A wheel inspection is included in Bosch Auto Service’s digital vehicle experience that comes standard with every service appointment, so you’ll never have to wonder if something is amiss.

Getting a wheel alignment is an important safety procedure you shouldn’t overlook. Even if you choose not to go forward with other vehicle services at your appointment, wheel alignment should always be done. If your wheels are out of alignment, you won’t be able to steer your car as efficiently as needed. This can cause drifting and jerking while driving, which can lead to accidents. Misaligned wheels are common causes of accidents and spending the money fixing them now can help avoid costly repairs later. Misalignment also puts extra strain on your tires, causing uneven tread wear and pressure that can lead to flats and tire blowouts.

Signs of Misalignment

While getting your wheel alignment checked regularly can help prevent any issues before they arise, it’s still important to recognize when your wheel alignment is off so you can get it fixed as soon as possible. If you notice any of the following while driving, take your vehicle to your local Bosch Auto Service for a wheel inspection:

  • Vehicle pulling in one direction as you drive – One way to test this is to go to a vacant parking lot or another large driving area with a flat, level surface. Start driving in a straight line. Take your hands off the steering wheel. If your car starts to drift, your wheels are in need of alignment.
  • Steering Wheel Vibration – There are a couple of different causes that can make your steering wheel vibrate, including unbalanced and misaligned tires. Even if this isn’t the actual cause, getting your vehicle inspected for any odd vibration is highly recommended.
  • Uneven Tire Wear – You can visibly see signs of misalignment by checking the wear patterns on all four tires. If they aren’t the same, chances are your wheels are out of alignment.

Wheel Alignment with Bosch Auto Service

At Bosch Auto Service, we include a wheel inspection as part of our digital vehicle experience (DVX) during your regular service. If you think your vehicle’s wheels may be out of alignment, don’t wait. Make an appointment at your nearest Bosch Auto Service. Your safety is our top priority and you can always count on our reliable repairs to keep your vehicle in safe working condition.

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