How to Jumpstart a Car

When your car doesn’t start, a lot can go through your mind. Among the panic and worry of missing your appointment or not being able to get to your destination, you’re probably thinking about the cost of it all. Calling a tow truck. Getting your car serviced. Having your car’s battery replaced. All of that can start to add up. However, a dead battery doesn’t have to end in total disaster. With a proper jumpstart, you can get your car rolling again and help alleviate some of your worries.

How to Jump a Dead Battery

If your car fails to start, one of the most common issues is a dead battery. There are a couple of different causes for a battery to drain, but getting it charged again is the first step in getting it fixed. With a set of jumper cables and an operable car, follow these steps to get your battery charged again.

1. Park the operable vehicle so it is facing your car. Ensure each vehicle is in park with the parking brake engaged for safety.
2. Turn both cars completely off.
3. Locate the batteries under each vehicle’s hood.
4. Ensure that the positive and negative battery terminals are clear of debris or corrosion.
5. Practice good safety measures and ensure both cars are turned off. Use rubber gloves for added protection if you are nervous about handling electrical equipment.
6. Connect the red clamp of your jumper cable set to the positive terminal on the dead battery.
7. Then connect the opposing red clamp to the positive terminal on the working battery.
8. Next, connect the black clamp of your jumper cable set to the negative terminal of the working battery.
9. Finally, connect the opposing black clamp to any unpainted metal surface of your vehicle (the one with the dead battery). This vital step helps ground the connection, so don’t forget it!
10. Making sure everyone is clear of the batteries and jumper cables, then start the engine with the good battery installed.
11. Give the connection a second to stick, then try starting the engine with the dead battery.

With luck, the jump from the other car should get your vehicle up and running.

Next Steps After Charging a Dead Battery

Once you’ve got your car jump started, the work isn’t over. First, find a long stretch of road with minimal to no stops and drive for a while. Your car’s battery charges as you run your engine, so keeping the motor going is going to help fully charge your battery and stop it from needing another jump as soon as you reach your destination. If you don’t have a long strip of road to work with, you can put your car in park at stoplights and rev your engine to help keep the battery going.

Next, make an appointment at your community Bosch Auto Service to have your battery and electrical components inspected. A battery can be drained for any number of reasons, and it’s important to identify what caused it. You could have simply left your headlights on all night, draining the energy. You could also have a leak in your electricity or corrosion in your battery that’s causing it to act up.

Dead Battery Inspection and Replacement at Bosch Auto Service

When you take your car into your local Bosch Auto Service, you can rest easy knowing you are handing your vehicle over to knowledgeable and experienced mechanics. Your technician will examine the battery and electrics of your car to see what went wrong and what work needs to be done to fix it. For help with a dead battery or other electrical issues in your car, locate your nearest Bosch Auto Service today.

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