Wheel Alignment, Repair, and More

The wheels are a crucial part of your car that works with your tires to get you moving. At Bosch Auto Service, your mechanic can check your wheels for problems and then repair them for you. With over 125 years of proudly serving the automotive industry, Bosch has continued to provide high-quality, premium and aftermarket OEM vehicle parts for generations.

When the wheels of your car are out of order, they can cause severe damage to your tires and even your vehicle's body. No matter how safe a driver you are, there are certain unavoidable parts of driving that can damage your wheels. Potholes, debris, and accidental curb clips are bound to happen at some point during the life of your wheels. Even if you have premium tires on, these can lead to cracks, scuffs, bends, and breaks in your rims.

Trust your local Bosch Auto Service to inspect, repair or replace your wheels when damage occurs.
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Need Car Wheel Service?

Regular wheel repair can protect your wheels, tires, and entire car.
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Causes of Wheel and Rim Damage

Even though your tires see the worst of the damage taken when driving, certain road conditions can impact your wheels as well.
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Curb Scrapes

Although the damage isn’t usually immediately severe, curb scrapes can build up over time. Whenever you scrape against the curb, even while parking or leaving a parking spot, you scrape your rims. Over time, these scrapes weaken the structural integrity of your wheels, causing further damage.
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Potholes And Debris

Hazards on the road can knock against your rims, cracking or even bending the wheels. While cautious driving can help avoid some of these issues, checking your wheels after hitting a pothole or piece of debris can help you avoid costly repairs in the future.
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Brake Dust

When you use your brakes, dust settles on your wheels. Over time, this dust can corrode the metal, causing both cosmetic and structural damage to the wheels. Regular washing of your wheels can help avoid deterioration.
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Tire Punctures

While you may feel you’re able to drive with a flat tire or on tires with low pressure, punctures and worn treads can cause severe damage to your wheels. Bends and cracks are more likely to occur when the full tread of the tire isn’t in use. While many small damages to a rim can be repaired, larger issues lead to more costly replacements.
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Wheel Alignment Near You

Has your vehicle started to pull to the left or right? Schedule a wheel alignment appointment at your local Bosch Auto Service.

Available Wheel Services

At Bosch Auto Service, we are passionate about keeping all of our vehicles on the road in their best condition. While many wheel issues are only cosmetic at first, ignoring cracks, scuffs, and bends can lead to severe damage to your entire car. Whenever your wheels look visibly damaged, it’s important to get them repaired right away. Waiting too long could lead to costly repairs in the future, as well as potential accidents while driving. At your local Bosch Auto Service, you can expect the following premium services.
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Schedule Wheel Replacement or Repair, and More at Bosch Auto Service

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Wheel damage, when left untreated, will continue to grow until it causes issues with your driving and brakes. Healthy wheels contribute to your vehicle’s safety. Even though small scrapes and scuffs may just appear as visual blips at first, they can worsen over time until it’s too late to avoid damage or accidents. At Bosch Auto Service, we can repair, refurbish, and straighten your wheels to ensure a safe and visually pleasing drive. We only use high-quality, premium products that you can trust to last longer than the generic alternatives.

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Where can I get wheel alignment/repair/service near me?
You can find your local Bosch Auto Service here for all your wheel service needs.
Is there a difference between a wheel and a tire?
Yes. The wheel is the metal rim that tires are fixed to. Tires are the rubber ovals that are placed on wheels. Both work together to help your car move on the road, but there is a difference in their repair and replacement needs.
How important is cleaning my car’s wheels?
While it helps improve the visual aspect of your car, keeping your wheels clean also helps keep them safe. Cleaning can buff out scrapes and scratches that can turn into larger issues over time.
Do I need a wheel alignment?
Wheel and tire alignment is important in helping you control your car. If your wheels are out of alignment, your safety could be at risk. Your nearest Bosch Auto Service can help you stay safe on the road.